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Twitter TweetDeck - UI/UX Designer 2010-12

In 2011 we achieved a sale to the Californian company that was epic for the tech sector. A design role that began freelance and went full-time, with an agile team to create a world-class web application, Android mobile application (millions daily updates, award nomination) and iOS application. Skill with Git, Jira, Photoshop mock-ups, Wire-framing, Concept presentation, Cross-platform, Digital prototyping

Freelance - Digital Designer 2007-Present

I ran my own business in London for 4 years, creating beautiful and delightful experiences for my clients. Creative Designer to seven clients: startups, artists, media and marketing companies; UI/UX Designer to five clients: Betaworks, Quantone and three more startups. Artworker to three music clients. Brand Designer to Oxford University Jazz Orchestra, Bryanston School, Hackney Unites and 22 more SMEs. Web Designer/Developer to Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, Restaurants, plus 12 other SMEs. Storyboard Artist to HMX Media. Concept Designer to Codemasters. Skill with Written and Verbal, Client-facing, Bookkeeping, Sass CSS, WordPress/CMS, jQuery, PHP/MySQL, Drawing and communication.

About 45 clients over 10 years, 4 clients per year each worth £3,000. Mostly startups (and musicians). Read the list

I have been meeting clients for over 10 years through personal connections and recently through recruiters and job boards.

This experience has given me appreciation for people's needs and the skills necessary to bring about each project.

The foundation is drawing and communication. In addition, I have developed proficient technical and organisational skills.


PowerInbox Email engagement platform
Popular Pays Social Media Advertising Platform
Quantone UX Consultant with Conor Cussel
Jamernot Geo-located Music iOS App


Gift of the Magi ScrollMagic demo

Scroll slowly down the page to see the story play out

File Manager UI design prototype

MacOS. Use at your own risk. Open then browse between folders more easily

File Manager Prototype.js demo

Select open and click some icons to see the views redraw themselves.

Attendance Reviewer Web app prototype

Rate your event attendance and develop insights about your activities


Graphic Design

SBFC Luxury CD case
Hot Head Show Luxury CD case
SBFC Single cover
Les Ocelots Gig Poster series

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